Hi, I'm Patrick.
I design and create things to move people.

Why Work With Me?

I make it easy and affordable to manage all your design components in one place. Since 2004, I've remained creative, nimble and responsive, while managing multiple brand, print and web projects. My broad skill-set and low overhead enable me to produce creative design for less than a large firm. No sales rep. No intern. No account manager. No multiple personalities.

Why else? I want to actually care about the reason behind the design. I get to choose the projects I take on, so my work is fresh and inspired rather than droll production. Because of this choice, I do a lot of work for Non-profits of all shapes and sizes, and many County and City programs and initiatives.


I am fascinated by consciousness and how shape, proportion, imagery, words and music can inform and enrich our lives, change our minds and make us feel different. I find a lot of inspiration and many parallels between music and visual design. From basic principals like emphasis, contrast, balance, repetition and flow to the more subtle areas of influencing thoughts and behaviors. These two areas of my study are endlessly fascinating and compelling for me.

I also love traveling and do it as often as I can. It helps me understand humanity and the world in a larger context. It's helped me blend my creative and artistic passion with my sense of history, people and place within the world.

Outside the Design Realm

I provide design and branding for Heart of Ganesh, a 501 C-3 Elephant Advocacy Organization. We educate and empower people to make compassionate choices for elephants.

In addition to branding, marketing and website support, I recorded and donated the album, Dharma Drone to be used as a fund raising tool for the organization. This album of meditative music is loved by massage therapists, yoga instructors and students, and parents. Learn more at