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People want to feel the authenticity and relevance of your brand. By working with archetypes, we can establish meaning and relevance on a deeper level.

I Specialize in Archetypal Branding

Archetypal Branding

An archetype is a universally understood framework of values, motivations and characteristics embodied by a particular type of personality. They are the personalities, forms, images and beliefs shared by all cultures worldwide.

By aligning your brand with the traits of one or two archetypes, you have a built-in frame of reference and deeper meaning to your brand, leading to more powerful relationships.

Different than a stereotype, archetypes are less about generalizing behaviors and more about understanding the emotional relevance and meaning in the world, and how we relate to it through our experience.

Oral and written traditions from cultures all over the globe are filled with the same characters and relationships, going through the same types of experiences, learning the same lessons and values. Our subconscious is filled with these same stories and meanings.

Archetypal branding uses these patterns and characters to create an authentic framework that people can relate to. It helps them, understand what you're about, and why it matters to them.

City Branding

City branding has been called an ancient art - and a new science. A clear and compelling brand increases civic pride, business recruitment, tourism and national attention. It also gives the city control of their message and image, rather than being left open to individual interpretation. A strong brand guides the way the city acts, engages, delivers and inspires.


How well you articulate your brand can make all the difference in the world. Your brand needs a well-crafted statement or compelling tag line that differentiates you from your competition, and speaks to what your customers can expect.

Photo Bank

The right imagery can bring a brand to life. Having the right images and graphics to present a clear and consistent image and message is critical.

These images combined with the right words can be used in many combinations to showcase different aspects of your brand depending on the audience or promotion.

Brand Guides

Keep your brand consistent and clear. By creating a simple, clear set of guidelines and giving them the tools to do it right. This ensures that what's going out is true to the brand, authentic to your company and compelling to your audience.

Brand guides can be as simple as a one page PDF, or a bound book that explains the history of the company and it's goals for the future.

Brand Consulting

A fresh set of eyes can do wonders. I'm available for consulting for various aspects of brand development, website usability testing, company or program name development, domain name selection, messaging and other creative aspects of business.

How do we get there?

Branding Process Patrick Hildreth Brand &Design


The critical first step in design is research and discovery, where we find out who you are at the archetypal level, and what you are providing both physically and emotionally. We examine your story and find the deeper meaning you carry for your audience.

Clarifying Strategy

Here, we examine your relationship with your audience and their needs– and find the authentic ways that you connect with that need.

We clarify your name, and messaging around your goals, vision and mission. We develop your manifesto and tag line and your positioning statement, to explain why you are different and why you matter. All these pieces focus the brand into a cohesive essence.

Design Identity

Your logo, color palette, typography, imagery and other design elements are created to flesh out the brand into something you and your audience can feel and relate to.

The design of the identity is richly enhanced with the understanding of the archetype. Through it, we can access the wealth of imagery, emotion and story lines already embedded within the audience.

Creating Touchpoints

Here we develop all the public facing components, such as website, brochures and cards, signage, display and packaging. Your solid foundation ensures authentic and consistent materials, focused on your goals.

Manage Brand Assets

Your brand must be nurtured and protected. Beyond nuts and bolts things like trademarks and domain names, you also must protect and build the emotional relevance of your brand by ensuring consistent messaging and strategic direction.

Do you want a strong, authentic and beautiful brand?

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